Even though there's a Degrassi wiki, we have created the New Degrassi wiki! With constant updates on the newest season, which is eleven. (Remember: This is fanfiction) Enjoy! --Degrassi is the school full of drama. Since season 11 started, lots of things have changed...not so much. There's still a dress code, and the only way to make the head boss - Mr. Snake Simpson to change his mind is to plead, this wiki has a page on every character on the show; and what has happened to them throughout their time on the show. This wiki will also have updates when new episodes are on, and everything else you want to know about the show that has been on since 2001, Degrassi!

Next EpisodeEdit

The next episode... Season 11: Episode 20, "Teenage Dream" airs Friday 9/2/11 at 9pm ET. Only on TeenNick. (Will be played as an hour, both parts)

Teenage Dream-

Latest activityEdit

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